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Portfolio / Bare Tree Media

Bare Tree Media

Our digital portfolio of brands consists of well known properties within the worlds top 100 licensed brands, as well as new and emerging brands. Our team of expersts is bringing these brands into new and engaging platforms and markets. Fans can engage with their favorite characters within a branded mobile app, or buy their favorite brands as virtual goods in virtual worlds and social games.

Apps we built:

KISS Photo Bomb

Add some Rock ‘n Roll to your photos and text messages with KISS PHOTO BOMB! Apply KISS effects, KISS band members, KISS frames and more. Share your KISSIFIED photos with friends via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Send KISS emoticons to rock out your text messages.

Smiley World Party Pics

Smiley® the happiest brand ever. Smiley World®is home to extensive collections featuring thousands of different products which promote a simple expressive message. We encourage everyone to express their thoughts and ideas: “Express Yourself” as we call it.



Winx Photo Magic

Hey Winx Club fans, get ready to add some magical sparkles to your photos with the Winx Photo Magic mobile app! It is FREE to download and it offers FREE stickers to get you started customizing your photos, as well as super cool packs you can buy.



Skelanimals Photo Bones

Dead animals need love too! Skelanimals are adorable little animals who met their untimely end due to their own reckless and ill advised behavior. Although deceased they need a warm and loving home. Adopt one today by including them in your photos and share the love with your friends via Skelanimals Photo Bones.


Garfield Snaps

Did someone say snacks? Nope, we said snaps — as in Garfield Snaps. After eating that pan of lasagna and taking a long nap, grab your iPhone and start snapping fun photos starring the lazy, fat, orange tabby named – Garfield and his friends.




At SO SO HAPPY, our greatest joy comes from creating crazy,quirky characters and thinking of random fun things that make our fans happy. Our main mission: Make cool stuff. Embrace individuality.Build self-confidence. Inspire positivity and acceptance among all beings!



tokidoki photo bomb

Download the tokidoki photo bomb app today, and bring the wonderful art and characters of Italian artist Simone Legno into your photo moments.





FREE to download with FREE Stooge images included.
Nyuk it up and add some mayhem to your photos by inserting Moe, Larry, Curly, even Shemp. The Three Stooges have entertained millions of fans all around the world for eighty years, and are still going as strong as ever today.



Say “cheeeese!” Next time you get that perfect photo opp, fun up those pics by adding hoops&yoyo! (And yes, piddles, too!)




Domo Photo Bomb

Photo bomb Domo through this FREE mobile app inspired by the furry Domo himself. Your photos will never be the same again! You at the Vans Warp Tour? Celebrate and share your photos, and earn special discounts at the concert on Domo T’s and accessories.



Stoop!d Monkey Paparazzi

Join Stoopid, Biggie and QT in this fun filled photo app inspired by their favorite adventures with STOOP!D MONKEY PAPARAZZI. Create your own STOOP!D MONKEY themed photos with cool images, and share with your friends.