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Portfolio / Funtank


Funtank is one of the world’s leading purveyors of fun. Our games are enjoyed by millions of consumers around the world on gaming platforms ranging from a PSP or iPhone to our world-renowned free online gaming portal Candystand.com.

Apps we built:

Electric Box

Candystand.com’s most popular electric puzzler is now on the iPhone! The goal of the game is simple: get power from the source to the target using items like tea kettles, laser beams, refrigerators & light bulbs.




The mysterious Islands of Virtopia have been lost for ages, and itís time for our hero, Virlo, to embark on a brain puzzling adventure of the cutest proportion! Find hidden words to crack the codes and rescue the missing islands!

Vector TD

An all-new mobile version of the hit web-game, Vector TD is now available for iPhone & iPod Touch. The Vectoids are on the move, and only you can stop them! Eliminate each wave of Vectoids before they reach the end of the path.