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Games / Fluffy Farm


The brilliant minds that created the top-selling game, “Medieval”, have once again designed the newest in gaming obsessions. Fluffy Farm for your iPhone or iPod Touch is a fun and exciting game that will get your fingers flying! With 3 modes of playing options, “Farm Mode”, “Time Challenge Mode”, and “Sort Mode” you’re sure to become a Fluffy Farm fanatic.

This line drawing game appears easy at the start with just a few fluffs to manage, but watch out, because they multiply like bunnies! Simply move these little fluffs around with your finger, maneuvering them around their fluffmates, while feeding them mushrooms to help them grow, and collecting objects around the farm. When they’re grown, get them into a pen, by sending them for a ride on the conveyor belt to earn yourself some points. The bigger your fluffs grow before riding the conveyor belt, the more points you win!

Be careful to avoid the poisonous mushrooms that sprout up out of nowhere. If you aren’t paying attention, a poisonous mushroom could pop up right in the path that you set your fluff to travel. If he eats these poisonous plants, they will die. You also need to make sure that they don’t get too close to one another. If they are on a collision course with another fluff, a red blinking circle will appear under the two fluffs that are in danger of colliding. If they cross paths, one of the fluffs will be eaten!

Fluffy Farm on your iPhone or iPod Touch promises to become your newest guilty pleasure. You will find yourself relentlessly attempting to beat your last fluff count. It will soon take over your every waking thought as you strive to outscore your previous games. The obsession won’t end there, either. With the high scores of all online players being posted, you will begin to crave that top position. You’d better be careful; because once that happens it’s too late. You won’t be able to stop until you claim the title of Fluffmaster!

Try the free version today!

"It is a breath of fresh air in a very crowded genre, Fluffy Farm is the standard that other line drawing games should follow." - "Kiss It" rating

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