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Games / Lasers Free


Lasers has been an Apple staff favourite, Top 10 All Games in the US, and has had over 1.5M downloads – and is now FREE! Lasers Free is optimized for both phones and tablets.

Lasers is a clever puzzle game that requires some different thinking. Laser light must be redirected to pass through all of the crystals on the screen. Tap and drag the laser nodes around to bend the light until all the crystals are activated. You can also use multi-touch to move two laser nodes at the same time. Some laser nodes cannot be moved. You will have to find the perfect alignment to clear the level.

Lasers is designed to allow you to listen to your own music while playing. Simply play a song before starting Lasers and you can bring up the iPod controls while playing by double clicking the home button.

Having difficulties passing levels? Check out our Lasers Solutions page.

"Overall a nicely designed, easy to learn, challenging, addicting and entertaining game…what more can you ask for. For $0.99 it is definitely worth a download!" Apple iPhone School "It’s a different sort of game for which there isn’t much competition on the App Store right now, and for puzzle lovers this should come as a pleasant surprise and an enjoyable if brain-twisting diversion." Frapstr "Lasers is a great app for those who like a challenging puzzle." AppChatter "Overall Lasers HD was really fun, slightly addictive, and very challanging! All key components in a good game!." iTalkiPad "Grab it" rating TouchMyApps
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