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Games / Submarine


Submarine is an action packed, side-scrolling, under-water challenge. Take control of your submarine and pilot your way to victory.

There are three exciting game modes:

Classic Mode:
Navigate your way through rocky sea beds, icebergs, floating mines, depth charges and whirlpools. Quick decisions and a steady hand will guide you.

Battle Mode:
Arm your submarine with state of the art weapons but beware! The resistance intensifies with torpedo mounts and flotillas. Blast your way to victory and avoid ending up as scrap metal at the bottom of the ocean.

Admiral Mode:
Speed and precision are not enough. You’ll have to escape the enemy forces before the time runs out. Fight your way through impossible odds and get your crew to safety.

This latest version is packed with new features like three separate game modes, torpedoes and heat-seeking missiles. New levels with unique challenges will test your skills. Earn your stripes and conquer the seas.

"Submarine is still quite a fun little game, and the new Battle mode adds a new dimension to an already well done game."

"It wasn’t long, though, before I was hooked; trying to beat the next level or get a higher score than last time. Submarine is not very complex to play, the graphics are great and it is fun and addicting."

"This app is perfectly designed for the casual gamer."

"It is kind of like the game icopter, but much better!"

"Submarine is an action packed, side scrolling, underwater game fit for any adventurer."

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