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Portfolio / ClickFire Media

ClickFire Media

ClickFire Media is one of the premier multi-platform digital design studios in New York. Brisk Mobile has formed a strategic partnership with ClickFire Media combining ClickFire’s design prowess with Brisk’s mobile expertise to create a formable combination. With all projects for ClickFire Media, ClickFire was responsible for the design and product management of the project and Brisk was responsible for the development of the project.

Apps we built:

The Official Lorax App

Speak for the trees, for they have no tongues, with the Official Lorax App! Hold the phone up to your mouth, and talk. The Lorax’s mouth and moustache will move along with your voice.

The Scrolls of Spartacus

A perfect app for all Spartacus Blood and Sand series lovers. It comes filled with behind the scenes extras and commentary from the Starz Original hit series.



Man v. Food Challenge

Now you can compete with Adam Richman’s favourites in his very own tasty challenges. Stuff down burgers, fries, and other filling treats until you explode. Players must build the tallest stack and then stuff it down before time runs out!

GEICO Brostache

Jealous of that guys awesome moustache? Now you can have your own! Pick a moustache and impress your friends. Simply hold your iPhone up to your mouth and let the moustache do the talking.



Sailor Jerry

See It Before You Ink It! Take a photo and “ink it” with Sailor Jerry tattoo flash. Use your camera to preview a tattoo live – or put it on a pic from your library.